“we can do it differently”

filmArche – school made by its members

Berlin-Kreuzberg based filmArche is a non-profit organization and Europe´s first self-organized film school. Over 200 aspiring film makers meet here regularly, to teach each other and to make films together.

The film school offers an extensive three year program in five departments of script writing, directing, camera, cutting/editing and production. Students become automatic members of the organization from the start of the first year.

The members form working-groups, organize events and workshops according to their own personal interests and take an active part in the cultural and social life of the school. At the same time filmArche is also a network to the outside world, maintaining a wide range of contacts to the film industry, to cultural fields, locally and internationally.

filmArche is a place for film makers to both exchange about their work, expand their own horizons and to achieve a greater state of openness, by use of film as a means of conveying change within society.

For external students too, filmArche also offers in-depth knowledge at a low cost: Workshops given by experts established lecturers take place almost every weekend. On Wednesday evenings there are lectures and talks about film, open to all. In this way filmArche´s education remit extends far beyond its own members.

filmArche is financed almost exclusively by memberships. For this reason we especially welcome donations, honorary memberships and any well-wishers who would like to support this alternative means of education and film-making.