International Women’s Day Shorts, Mittwoch 08.03. 2017, 19 Uhr

International Women’s Day Shorts

To mark the occassion of International Women’s Day, filmArche will show four short films made by women about women.
The films investigate how women are objectified through visual media, show the impact of objectification of female bodies on individuals and society and explore how women raise their voices and struggle to become self-determined subjects again.
After the screening there will be a talk with Mala Reinhardt the director of „Rupa“, who is also a member of documentary class 16 of filmArche.

Ellie Land
GB 2012 / 10min / english

Centrefold is part of „The Centrefold Project“, an award.winning-project exploring the increasing trend in women undergoing labia surgery to ‘neaten’ the appearance of their genitals. An animated documentary film presenting the personal accounts of three women who have had a labiaplasty.


Directed by Natasha Waugh
Written by Miriam Devitt
Ireland 2014 / 5min / english

Running Commentary is a short film inspired, unfortunately, by personal experience, but also encouraged by the article “How Female Joggers are Dealing With SexistHecklers”, by Anna Hart. We follow Kate, as she goes for a run in the park. Throughout her jog, as we move with her, we witness the everyday sexism that follows the commenting and leering
that she encounters.


Kristy Guevara-Flanagan,
USA 2016 / 15 min / english

What happened to her is a forensic exploration of our cultural obsession with images of dead woman on screen. Interspersing found footage from films and police procedural television shows and one actor’s experience of playing the part of a corpse, the film offers a meditative critique on the trope of the dead female body.


Lisa Mala Reinhardt und Patrick Lohse.
Delhi/Agra, Indien 2016 / 25 min. / Hindi with engl. subtitles

Years ago Rupa survives an acid attack by her step-mother. Isolated from society, she sets up a cafe with other survivors in the north Indian city of Agra. In an astonishing way, the women grow in self-confidence by supporting each other

Mittwoch, 08. März 2017

19 Uhr
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