Experimental 16mm films: Ute Aurand, Robert Beavers

Robert Beavers is an American experimental filmmaker based in Europe best known for his cycle “My Hand Outstretched to the Winged Distance and Sightless Measure” 1967 to 2003. He photographes, edites and produces all of his films himself. He has recieved the Experimental Film Award from the National Society of Film Critics, New York City, 1999, the Grand Prize, Media City Film Festival, Windsor, Canada, 2014 and others.

Ute Aurand has studied at the dffb (1979-85) and since then she works as a freelance-filmmaker. Her films are shown at international festivals and film archives like the Harvard Film Archive, Tate Modern London, National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, Austrian Film Museum, Media City Film Festival and others. She founded the Bolexwerkstatt at dffb in 2015 beside earlier teaching positions in Berlin and Zuerich. Co-Founder of the monthly film series “FilmSamstag” at Babylon-Mitte 1997-2007.