filmArche International Winter School

January 3-7, 2014 in the area of Barcelona | Spain

Dear International Film Students and Filmmakers,
Europe’s largest self-guided filmschool – filmArche – invites you to join our First International Winter School 2014 in Spain.

Filmarche International Winter School

Apply now!
International Story Development and Networking Workshop in Spain

Friday, January 3rd – Tuesday January 7th, 2014
Day of arrival: January 3rd (no seminar that day)
Day of departure: January 7th (no seminar that day)
Seminar days: January 4th, 5th, 6th

Spain, shared cottage, venue/city tbc

- 5-7 filmArche students with international film project ideas attached (both fictional and non-fictional)
- 5-7 film students and filmmakers / writers from all over the world (main place of residence outside of Germany) with international film project ideas attached (both fictional and non-fictional)

If you would like to apply, you should
- have one subject idea for an international film project that could take place in different countries of the world – depending on the other participants’ backgrounds you will focus on stories that are inspired by the other participants’ home countries/ residence
- have a filmmaking/ film studying background
- speak English
- like to share one house for sleeping, cooking and studying together
- live outside of Germany

Intense International Story Development Classes (both fictional and non-fictional), taught by Katti Djisuk Schroeter:

What happens in the subway of Berlin, Barcelona, Istanbul? How do Polish, French, Swedish families perceive the word ‘home’? What does ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ in India, Turkey, Luxembourg? If you have any topic in mind that you would like to make a film about in 2-4 different countries, we will develop your stories together with filmArche students from Berlin and international participants from all over the world. You come up with a subject. All participants come up with their cultural backgrounds. Katti teaches you unique creative methods how to develop stories out of your topic, the participants’ countries and new storytelling tools.

Furthermore, we will analyse film examples like ‘One Day in Europe’, ‘Babies’, ‘Babel’ (Film stories that take place in different countries).

- Developing your project ideas from an international point of view
- Learning unique creative writing methods
- Finding project partners from different countries
- Becoming part of filmArche.International network
- Benefitting from filmArche’s spirit of self-guidance as an inspiring working method
- Starting your year 2014 with new creative input and the Spanish sun on a blue sky

If you are interested, please ask for an application form by sending an email to filmArche International Winter School ( before November 7th, 2013. We will send you an application form back. You will have the possibility to apply by November 8th, 2013.
Please note that your pre-registration and your application is not formally binding. Your application is not a registration and does not oblige you to pay the fee yet.

Workshop fee: 154,00 € (including meals and accommodation)
(As the workshop is sponsored by the coordinators and teachers, the fee is just an expense allowance)

Travel Costs
Please note that you are responsible for your travel arrangements and costs. Of course, we will be happy to assist you, if you have any questions concerning the booking.

Every applicant can apply for a partial scholarship in order to get a little financial support for attending this workshop. Please just attach a motivation letter of ½ page to your application. It should include
- why you are applying for a scholarship
- why you are interested in the workshop
- what financial support (amount of money) you need in order to attend the workshop
Please note that your pre-registration and your application is not formally binding. Your application does not oblige you to pay the fee yet.

One of the most special things about this workshop is the that all filmArche participants and international participants will share one cottage in Spain, venue tbc. We will share rooms and kitchen and will cook and have classes together in the same house. Therefore networking will be more bonding and creative writing classes will be more intense.

The classes will be taught by Katti Djisuk Schroeter, one of filmArche’s most experienced experts for story development and creative writing. Katti is also the main coordinator of the filmArche International Winter School and founded the famous filmArche International Summer School 2013.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Katti Djisuk Schroeter: filmArche International Winter School